We have a passion for taking struggling rural hospitals and transforming them into vibrant facilities.

Putting Rural Communities First

Many facilities would not be in operation today were it not for the Founders of RHG and their commitment to local rural communities. RHG can bring a missing link to many communities by helping them with management and by finding access to capital. RHG targets smaller rural hospitals located in less populated, more remote areas where, in most cases, they are the sole provider of emergency, acute care inpatient and outpatient clinic services. These hospitals typically fall into two categories: Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) and Mid-Sized Rural Hospitals (PPS).  

Hospital Categories

Critical Access Hospitals

These hospitals, located in rural areas have 25 or fewer beds. They are certified to receive cost-based reimbursement from Medicare. According to the American Hospital Association, this reimbursement methodology is intended to improve their financial performance. Click below to learn more.

Mid-Sized Rural Hospitals

These hospitals are referred to as “tweener” hospitals and have between 25 and 275 beds. Larger than critical access hospitals, these hospitals are too big to be classified as cost-based CAHs and are reimbursed under the Prospective Payment System. Click below to learn more.

Hospital Metrics

According to the American Hospital Association, 72 million people live in rural areas and depend on the local hospital serving their community. The nation’s 2000 rural community hospitals serve as an anchor for their regions' health related services. Recognizing this fact, the U.S. government has passed legislation that is intended to improve the financial operations of rural hospitals which include: (1) the Critical Access Hospital program under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and (2) the Affordable Care Act that expanded Medicaid in most states and widened the definition of “low-volume hospitals.”  


Despite this legislation, rural hospitals continue to struggle as their low volumes, on an individual basis, make rural hospitals vulnerable to several factors including the loss of key personnel, reimbursement cuts, economic downturns in their markets and increasing demands for capital to update facilities, equipment and information technology systems.  RHG intends to assist the rural healthcare market and address the operating challenges of the hospitals through consolidating administrative functions and creating economies of scale that no stand-alone hospital could attain. By way of example, the administrative functions to be consolidated will include professional centralized management, physician recruitment and retention, strategic planning, human resources, patient records, regulatory compliance, general accounting, billing and collection, reimbursement and revenue cycle, purchasing and supply chain, financial planning, and cost reporting. The consolidated entity will also be better able to attract the capital required to upgrade equipment and information technology systems.

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