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Crisis Management Services

These services are offered by RHG on a month-to-month basis, to those hospitals which, because of severe financial and operational difficulties, are struggling to maintain operations. The objective is to allow the parties the time needed to develop practical solutions to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve operations to make the hospital viable for the long-term.

  • Preparation of unaudited monthly financial statements and assistance in arranging for financial audits.

  • Assistance with the preparation of annual strategic and financial plans.

  • Assistance with general accounting, revenue cycle, reimbursement and cost reporting services, supply chain activities and contracting services, information technology services, and human resources management.

  • Assistance with the maintenance and retention of patient records and other records.

  • Assistance with the implementation and maintenance of programs for quality assurance and quality control, regulatory compliance and risk management. 

  • Assistance with the recruitment of physicians and other healthcare professionals and the development of amicable working relationships with the Medical Staff, regulatory authorities, vendors, and the local community.

  • Assistance with the filing and prosecution of legal actions or other proceedings and the defense of legal actions and proceedings, except for legal actions between the Parties.

  • Assistance in complying with applicable law related to the safety of persons or property with respect to operations and in arranging for routine maintenance and safety inspections of facilities and equipment.

  • Assistance with the coordination of the planning, development and implementation of long-term and short-term capital projects.

Acquisition and Investment Option

Where appropriate RHG can bring capital to local communities and purchase the assets of the hospital while still keeping the local feel and touch.  RHG is in the business of investing in small-to-medium sized rural hospitals that are operationally distressed. Its investment goal is to maximize total return on capital by seeking capital appreciation and current income through the acquisition of a diversified portfolio of distressed rural hospital investments located primarily in the less populated and more remote areas in the Central United States where rural hospitals are usually the sole provider of emergency, acute care inpatient and outpatient clinic services to their communities.

In pursuing its investment strategy, RHG will focus its investment activities toward the acquisition of medium "tweener" hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals.  The investment transactions can be structured as either a long-term lease or a sale and purchase of assets, where RHG takes ownership of the physical assets and permanent control over governance and operations.

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